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Fiery fare at Angry Jerk

Chevy Chase chef Jason Miskiri opens Caribbean fast-casual spot in Silver Spring.

Despite its name —The Angry Jerk—this Silver Spring Caribbean fast-casual restaurant is likely to turn you into a happy camper once you’ve tried its food. Among its splendid dishes are jerk chicken; braised beef and oxtail served over rice with zesty pineapple salsa; and a chicken curry that packs a scotch bonnet pepper wallop. Opened by chef and owner Jason Miskiri in July, the restaurant is 1,600 square feet and seats 20. The Angry Jerk’s logo, designed by Green Owl Design in Hyattsville, features a Grinch-like scotch bonnet pepper, the trademark ingredient that brings the fire to Caribbean cooking. The peppers make an appearance in almost every dish at The Angry Jerk, Miskiri says.

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